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WPD 480: Autoprefixer 5.2 adds appearance: none, Clipboard API clarifications, ECMAScript Observable

  • News

    • Autoprefixer 5.2: appearance: none, warnings for outdated syntax (details), post (release notes)
    • A new homepage for the W3C Developer Tools, ’s post
  • Posts

    • Spec editor clarifies how the Clipboard API is intended to work (“good balance”), ’s post
    • : Better discoverability for web components coming to CustomElements.io, post
  • Content

    • The proposed ECMAScript Observable type w/ example scenario, ’s page
      • Example: The Observable constructor is used to observe 'keydown' events on a DOM element. The stream is then filtered to specific .keyCode values and transformed to descriptive names ('up', 'down'). Lastly, the stream is consumed by an observer. The observer’s next() handler receives the stream’s events.
  • Demos

    • Generating an encoded URL query string from an object with URLSearchParams, screen
  • Tools

    • Npm Click (web tool), visualizes outdated dependencies of your package.json, ’s site

  • Other

    • “Periscope’s login model is a retrograde step for user security”, ’s post
      • Twitter’s new Periscope app implements login via Twitter. However, if the Twitter app is not installed, Periscope loads Twitter’s login page in a WebView instead of a browser, preventing the user from confirming its URL.
    • Picturefill updated to fix severe bug (affects the latest builds of WebKit and Edge), ’s post
    • discusses Angular 2 (nested components, separated rendering layer), 6-min video

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