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WPD 597: UC Browser passes Safari, Intent to Ship: Background Sync ("sync" event), misspelling-tolerant autocomplete

  • News

    • “Intent to Ship: Background Sync” (blink-dev), disc.
      • Background Sync defines a "sync" event which fires when next online (even after the page or browser has closed). This event can be used to synchronize client data from web apps with servers, in the background.
  • Info

    • The difference between the aria-owns and aria-controls attributes, disc. (via)
      • The aria-owns attribute establishes a parent-child relationship in the accessibility layer (post). The aria-controls attribute creates a cause and effect relationship (post).
  • Media

    • Fixing rendering performance issues with will-change: transform (ciu), ’s 9-min video
  • Demos

    • An input field with misspelling-tolerant autocomplete, page
  • Opinion

    • : Promises cannot be used for cancelling in-flight fetch requests, post

New search functionalityrelnotesdemo

Press / (slash) to open search interface.

  • Other

    • StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile: UC Browser rises to second position (passes Safari), disc.
    • The DOM Standard adds an (Element) getAttributeNames() method, spec (disc.)
    • The benefits of a variable font format, ’s post

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