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WPD 503: Chrome’s “Make page mobile-friendly” banner, using Service Workers declaratively

  • News

    • “Make page mobile-friendly” banners spotted in (non-stable) Chrome for Android, post w/ screens
  • Posts

    • Understanding HTTP Strict Transport Security and preloading it into the browser, ’s post
    • explores approaches to replicating video-like animation, post
      • “HTML5 video and GIFs were a cop out due to iOS forcing video to play full screen and the performance issues with GIFs.” The solution implemented on Dropbox’s new homepage is based on CSS-animated JPEG sprites.
  • Opinion

    • : Progressive enhancement has become a bit of a loaded term with many, post

  • Other

    • The presence of a "search" input field and an :active selector breaks YouTube embeds on iOS, disc.
    • : Famous is trying to resurrect the spirit of Flash, post
      • “Essentially, Famous offers developers a Flash stage in the browser to do much of the same stuff we once did in Flash. However, this stage is an abstraction built on top of the DOM and WebGL (aka mixed mode). But, unlike Flash, there are no keyframes. Instead, there is a physics engine via WebGL, similar to those found in game engines.”
    • (Microsoft) and (Adobe) will be the new co-chairmen of the CSS WG, source
    • Using Service Workers declaratively with Polymer’s Platinum elements, ’s 13-min preso

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