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    • Avoid periodic data transfers as they incur high energy overhead on mobile devices, ’s post
    • How inline SVG beats icon fonts in every aspect except browser support, ’s post
    • ES6 Proxies will enable creating ‘defensive objects’, ’s post + code example, screen
  • Info

    • Vertically centering multi-line text: Flexbox ‘supersedes’ the table-cell trick, ’s post
    • Browser support considerations when using <picture> via Picturefill, page
  • Content

    • A categorized list of useful Unicode symbols, page (support on mobile is spotty)
  • Media

    • Navigation on touch devices: Bottom corners are most ergonomically accessible, ’s 5-min preso
  • Demos

    • A extension for authoring CSS Shapes directly in LivePreview mode, post (anim. GIF)
    • A simple elliptical motion with CSS animations and transforms, ’s demo
  • Tools

    • Project Naptha (Chrome ext.), lets you select and copy text from images, site

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