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  • News

    • “W3C’s effort to marry standardized social-networking technology with the Web”, article (CNET coverage)
  • Posts

    • Fixed-position UI elements on mobile - pitfalls and best practices, ’s post
    • “Catering to your colorblind users” (2 tips), ’s post
  • Info

    • SVG w/o specified size cropped to 300x150 in Chrome/Firefox but displayed fully in Safari/IE, disc.
    • How vertical padding/borders/margins apply on inline vs inline-block elements, interactive demo
  • Media

    • A (simplified) explanation of the principle of public-key cryptography, 6-min video
  • Demos

    • Displaying and scrolling large data sets w/o performance impacts, ’s post + 6-min s’cast
      • This is an implementation of Apple’s UITableView which uses and re-uses a fixed amount of elements to display large lists (instead of creating new elements for each list item). Ryan also argues that this functionality should be part of the Web Platform.

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