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  • News

    • starts work on an ‘Indexed Database version 2’ spec (lots of feature requests), post
    • Blink to enable subset of Web Animations API (element.animate()), source w/ code example
  • Posts

    • highlights a few examples of bad password policies in the wild, post
    • Improving accessibility through focus management (2 examples with demos), ’s post
    • Tutorial: Building a RESTful API using Node and Express 4, ’s post
  • Info

    • The four different methods of embedding SVG in an HTML page by reference, page
    • HTML 5.0 CR exit criteria: 2 implementations needed for each feature, source (+ what was removed)
    • The JavaScript enhancements in IE11 (i.a. block-scoped variables, Set/Map), MSDN page
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  • Tools

    • Picturefill 2 (alpha), a polyfill for the <picture> element and its associated features, page
    • ImageLightbox.js (2.1kB gzipped), a responsive and touch-friendly lightbox library, ’s page

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