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    • Improving the usability and accessibility of modal windows, ’s post
      • (1) Use semantic markup. (2) Provide CSS :focus states. (3) Shift focus when modal opens, restrict focus to modal while it’s open, and return focus to correct element after modal closes. (4) Set an appropriate ARIA role and provide an aria-label (or aria-labelledby). Toggle the aria-hidden attribute accordingly.
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    • ’s IE survey results: IE8 is the baseline for the majority of developers, post
    • The HTML Living Standard has moved to a new URL (incl. TLS), source
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    • ’s checklist: 7 accessibility considerations for web components & custom controls, post
      • The control should be focusable (incl. a clear indicator of focus) and operable via the keyboard (standard keys). Its “accessible name”, role, and any UI states and properties should be exposed in accessibility APIs.
    • New guide on MDN: Audio and video manipulation, page
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    • Multi-color Unicode characters in Firefox/Windows, screen
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    • ’s thoughts on the “extensible web” and developer participation, post
    • : Browsers should stop showing “https:” and even make “http:” URLs less attractive, post

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