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WPD 780 • Preventing MIME sniffing • Web components not at odds with frameworks • From Physical Web to Web Bluetooth

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    • Mitigating MIME confusion attacks with X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff, post
      • The X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff response header disables MIME sniffing (in supporting browsers), which in turn prevents MIME confusion attacks. When using this header, you have to ensure that your page assets are sent with the correct Content-Type header value.
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    • The HTML minlength/maxlength attributes now count line breaks as one character (spec change), rev
    • npm ls -g --depth 0 returns a concise list of all globally installed npm packages, ’s post
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    • : Web components are not at odds with JavaScript frameworks, post

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    • Bridging the gap between the Physical Web and Web Bluetooth, ’s post
      • “…if the user opened a link through the Physical Web, a reference to the device where the link originated from will be available to the web page through navigator.bluetooth.referringDevice. This means that the user […] will be able to start communicating with the device directly from that web page.”

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