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WPD 819 • Async arrow functions • Web Share API in Chrome • Upgrading from Node v4 to v6 is now recommended

  • Info

    • CSS touch-action (spec) - the difference between pan-x and pan-left/pan-right; ’s post
  • Demos

    • Async arrow functions and async object/class methods (code samples); ’s post
      • When passing an async function to an array iteration method (like map), the array method “sees [the async func.] as a function that returns a promise. It won’t wait for the first function to complete before calling the second.”

  • Other

    • Rendering Unicode control characters (as visible glyphs) has shipped in Chrome Canary (demo); status
    • The Web Share API is now available in Chrome Beta (on Android) as an Origin Trial; ’s post
      • This API (navigator.share) “allows websites to invoke the native sharing capabilities of the host platform.” On Android, it brings up the native “Share via” picker (which is normally accessed via Chrome’s “Share” menu option).

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