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WPD 849 • Chrome ships Pointer Events • Git commands for undoing file changes • Call-to-action buttons with visually hidden text

  • New

    • New in Chrome 55 (i.a. Pointer Events); ’s 3-min video
      • See ’s post for details on pointer capture and default actions: “…whenever a default action like scroll or zoom is triggered, you’ll get a pointercancel event, to let you know that the browser has taken control of the pointer. […] You can stop the browser from taking control with the CSS touch-action property.”
  • Info

    • : Lazy-loading your style sheet only delays, but doesn’t shorten, FOIT; post
  • Misc

    • Git commands for undoing file changes (committed, staged, unstaged); ’s post
  • Demos

    • Improving the accessibility of call-to-action buttons with visually hidden text; ’s post

  • Other

    • Dev Quests! is a text-based adventure game played via notification actions (status); ’s post
    • W3C HTML update: <header>/<footer> can be scoped to <main> (disc.), allow headings in <legend> (disc.)

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