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WPD 757 • Guidelines for writing a good module • “Set origin-wide policies via a manifest” • CSS :any-link selector

  • Posts

    • ’s guidelines for writing a good module (i.a. avoid peer dependencies), post
  • Misc

    • ’s proposal: Set origin-wide policies via a manifest, disc.
      • “…a server will provide an Origin Policy Manifest file at a well-known location. This file contains all of the metadata the server would like to set for each response” (Content Security Policy, Referrer Policy, etc).
  • Demos

    • A custom (accessible) combo box with a multiselect list box, ’s demo w/ disc.

  • Other

    • Mozilla has unprefixed the CSS :any-link selector (spec) in Firefox (available in Nightly), post
      • Blink and WebKit currently support the prefixed (:-webkit-any-link) version (related Autoprefixer issue).

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