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WPD 520: The difference between "preload" and "prefetch", CSS position: sticky browser support and polyfills

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    • The CSS :has() pseudo-class (“parent selector”) is at risk of being deferred to Selectors Level 5, disc.
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    • Comparing the "preload" and "prefetch" relationships of the <link> element, disc. w/ spec links
      • <link rel="preload"> instructs the browser to fetch a resource, without executing it or blocking the page’s "load" event. (Purpose: delaying execution of the resource, e.g. script). ⁂ <link rel="prefetch"> hints to the browser that a resource might be required by the next navigation. (Purpose: improving the speed of navigation.)

  • Other

    • Mozilla plans for ship (and update) Firefox features via continuous delivery, source (9-min preso)
      • In 2014, there were 16 “chem spills” (emergency updates) in Firefox. Mozilla wants to prevent these by shipping experiments to a smaller number of users first (directly on the release channel).
    • Chrome’s implementation of Web Bluetooth API is HTTPS-only, source