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WPD 856 • Progressive booting • CSS transitions and height: auto • The three “modes of SVG”

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    • : The requestIdleCallback API can enable progressive booting; post
      • “Progressive booting sits somewhere between CSR and SSR. You SSR a functionally viable (though minimal) view in the HTML, including minimal JavaScript and CSS. As more resources arrive the app progressively ‘unlocks’ features.”
  • Info

    • Interactive form validation can also be triggered via the reportValidity method; ’s post
  • Misc

    • : It would be useful to be able to transition to or from height: auto; disc.
  • Media

    • : The three distinct “modes of SVG” on the web (object, image, inline); video

  • Other

    • A single SVG <path> element can be (re)used to draw multiple shapes; disc. w/ demo
    • : Prefer <script defer> over <script async> (which can delay sync. scripts); post

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