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WPD 857 • Testing web pages without styling • Placing items in named grid areas (video) • CSS font-synthesis property

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    • GOV.UK uses custom radio buttons and checkboxes (“the native controls have some serious bugs”); post
      • : “We would still like vendors to fix the bugs in their browsers. If, in the future, we can resize radio buttons and checkboxes without any problems then we may change back to using native controls.”
  • Tools

    • structure.exposed is a web tool that strips away all styling from a web page; site
  • Media

    • Grid by Example #12: Placing items in named areas (grid-template-areas); ’s 4-min video

  • Other

    • The CSS font-synthesis property (docs) is supported in Firefox and Safari; disc. w/ demo
    • : Avoid using the contenteditable attribute directly; post
      • Browser implementations are buggy and inconsistent with each other, while the specs “don’t cover all the cases”. ⁂ A new approach is being drafted, “where the browser […] just provides events to inform a JavaScript-based editor about what it is that the user is trying to do, and APIs to facilitate doing that.”

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