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WPD 859 • Sharing styles between web components • ‘Text size widgets’ aren’t needed • Performance budgets in Webpack

  • Posts

    • <link rel=stylesheet> in the shadow DOM (shared styles in web components); ’s post
  • Media

    • Grid by Example #14: Nesting grids (grid items can become grid containers); ’s 3-min video
  • Opinion

    • : ‘Text size widgets’ aren’t needed if you follow best practices (i.a. don’t disable zoom); post

  • Other

    • If you use rel=preload (status) to preload your page assets, remember to set the as attribute; disc. (via)
    • Webpack warns if “the combined asset size exceeds the recommended limit”; ’s post (disc.)
      • “…it’s a good pattern to only load features a user is going to need for a page. This means shipping the minimal amount of script to make a page functional, lazy-loading the rest of your scripts for other features or components as the user needs them.”

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